C1214 CODE I have an ’01 LS1 that I am getting a C1214 DTC. I have been having a heck of a time finding any tech data on this. My ‘Vette stays in the garage and is in pristine condition with 40K miles on it. Basically the only thing I have found out is that C1214 is ‘system relay contact or coil circuit open; and that the EBCM is $1071. And the BPMV is $2026. The service ABS, service traction system and service active handling messages are being displayed. On the C4 the EBCM relays were external, but from what I understand the relays on the C5 are internal. Now, is 'system relay' the internal relay of the EBCM and what 'coil' are they talking about for the ‘coil circuit open’. I’ve been surfing the ‘net and not found much help.– GINO W. You may want to contact Brandon at www.absfixer.com who can help solve your problem here and save you a substantial amount of money in the process, too. MORE BRAKE TROUBLES I am, or was, the proud owner a 2000 coupe that I purchased two years ago. However, last month I had to replace the heart and soul of the ABS and traction control systems, the BPMV and EBTCM...a $2,500 operation in parts alone (labor actually was cheap in comparison at only 3hrs). The BPMV had bled brake fluid into the EBTCM thereby shutting off my ABS and traction control. As expensive a repair as this was I still could have handled it without much ado had the following not happened. The shop I take my car to for
repairs, a shop specializing in Corvettes, received 3 bad EBTCM's from Chevrolet before the fourth part arrived and turned out to be functional. The owner of the shop, and the other technicians, told me the first two actually performed worse than my original part that was soaked in brake fluid. The third part actually arrived physically damaged with the protective ESD bag in shreds. Finally, the fourth part arrived and, by some miracle, was functional. Of course, as all of this was going on I was doing my due diligence calling dealerships to make sure my shop was doing its job correctly. When I asked one of the dealers if this part was a common problem area on these cars I was told it must be because he sells a lot of them. Is this part really as common a problem as I heard from the dealer, and as my recent experience shows? Can I really expect to have to constantly worry about these parts? In any case, I contacted Chevrolet via email to express my lack of faith and displeasure. I received back a phone call from a "Customer Relationship Specialist" who said there was no recall history on these parts and was only able to offer an "Owner Loyalty Discount"...definitely not an enticing offer after having spent $3,000 and going through what I had just experienced. Oh well, any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated. Oh, don't tell GM I still like my car.                           – WILL R. Well, as far as insight goes, I’ve spoken with a few Corvette techs and they tell me that there have, indeed, been relay issues. However, the leak is not a common problem at all. I don’t know how much this helps, but that’s the scuttlebutt from these wrenches.