THE ALWAYS-ON-EMPTY BLUES I hope you can help us! My husband has a ‘98 Corvette coupe; the problem is after we drive 35 miles or so the gauge goes back to ‘E’ and it gets stuck there and won't move. Then we hear a ‘ding’ and the ‘check fuel’ message comes on in the information center. But the ‘Vette has a full tank of gas! We are at our wits end and we’d sure appreci- ate any help very much, as it really takes the fun out of driving the ‘Vette. — KATHY & DAVE B AND ANOTHER… I was thrilled when I read the article regarding the fuel gauge problems in C5 Corvettes back in the July ’07 issue of Corvette Fever. I have been having the same problem since I bought the car in September of 2006 (I have a 2001 Z06). I have brought it back to the dealer 6 times and they have tried everything they can, unsuccessfully. I have been in touch with GM customer service, who has also given up.  When I saw the CF article I ran right down to the dealer with it. They looked up the service bulletin #05-06- 04-041 (June 14,2005) that is mentioned in the article and informed me that it “does not apply to Z06's”. Have you had any information to this effect and if so, are there any solutions to the Z06 prob- lem? It doesn't seem to just happen when I hit a bump, however – it happens all the time; the gauge always reads empty, even when the tank is filled all the way up. I would appreciate any information you can find. – OLIVIA T 
What you’re describing here is a fairly common probl- em. The fuel level sensor builds up sulfur deposits over time, which causes the gauge to misread and ‘think’ it’s empty. GM’s Vehicle Care Fuel System Treatment Plus (available at your local Chevy or GM dealership’s parts department) is specifically de- signed to clean the fuel system and remove these sulfur deposits. Putting a bottle in the tank (and repeating it with the next thankful, if necessary) should make the problem go away. BAD INFORMATION After sitting for 3-4 weeks in my garage without being started, the battery of my stock 2004 Z06 Lemans commemorative edition is so dead that there is not enough power to illuminate the under hood light. I thought that I had left something on, but this was not the case. I took the car to the dealership, and they ran a battery and draw check; the result of 18.8MA indicated that everything was OK. They then came up with Document ID# 841113 which states that the car must be left in reverse when parked. I have never heard of this on a C5. What do you think? And, if this is so, how/why does it work?     – JOHN D The dealership gave you some bad information, John. The document you referred to applies to 2005s with manual transmissions ONLY – not 2004s! Therefore, it has no bearing on your battery going dead, and keeping the car in reverse while parked will not conserve battery power. You have to realize that there are numerous systems that continue to draw power even when the ignition is in the off position – systems that have to “remember” your seat and mirror