HEADLIGHT UPGRADE I would like to upgrade my headlights on my 2003 Z06 without changing the popup feature. I would like to see some kind of Zenon or better looking lens options than what I've seen so far, most of which include changes to the popup feature.  Is there anything like that out there?  Your help would be appreciated. -TED C. The solution you’re seeking is to install a HID (High Intensity Discharge) projection headlight kit which will still leave your pop-up headlight feature fully functional. There are several of these kits available from Corvette Garage (www.corvettegarage.com) and various other aftermarket manufacturers. The HID harness is "plug-and-play" with no wire cutting, soldering or crimping required, and the kit includes the right and left headlamp assemblies, Philips ballasts and bulbs, wiring harness, mounting hardware, instructions and DOT certificate; there’s a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on headlamp assemblies, and a 1-year warranty on the bulbs and ballasts. In case you haven’t shopped around for an upgrade kit yet, don’t get sticker shock when you see the price tag: your outlay will be in the $1,000 range to do this upgrade. GAS SMELL I have a 2004 Z06 with 5000 miles and after it has been driven it smells like there is a gas leak. After it sets for 8 to 10 hours with the garage door open the smell goes away and doesn't return until it is driven
again. Although the gas smell is very strong, there is no sign of a leak. It seems to be coming from the rear of the car around the fuel door. Now, it sounds simple, doesn't it? Replace the fuel cap and issue is resolved, right? Nope -- not so fast. This car has had two tours at the dealership where I bought it, (I got it new there with 1 mile on it). The dealer has put a new evap canister and purge and vent solenoids on it and I put a new fuel cap on. The fuel and evap system have been pressure tested and nothing found wrong. At this time the dealership has sent the car home with me, (for the second time) saying they have no an- swers and to wait until a factory tech rep can take a look at it. That is just fine; however this has been going on for nearly five weeks now. I can't drive or use the car because I believe there may be a fire is- sue. Do you or anyone you know have any ideas or have you ever heard of this problem? - TWAN T The problem you describe is neither unique nor un- usual; 2004 Corvettes have had a chronic problem with developing cracks in the driver side fuel tank neck, and it’s highly probable that this is the source of the gasoline smell you’re getting. Have your dealer- ship check out the neck of the driver side tank as it is the likely place to look for the source of the problem. TIRE SENSORS I have put 2001 wheels on my 1999 vet. Do I have to change the tire pressure sensors and put the ‘99 ones on the ‘01 wheels or can the car be programmed to read the ‘01 sensors? - MANNY L