THE LAST OF THE C3s continued
The emblem was redesigned and simplified to a checkered flag, and a Chevrolet logo. Losing the Fleur-de-lis, it was a design that would be refined slightly and carried into the C4 era. The cross fire injection system would also carry over into the first C4 Corvette, as well as other small design features such as cornering lights, that would illuminate the area to the left or right of the car when the corresponding turn signal was used. While the 1980-1982 Corvettes are met with criticism at times due to the significant drop in power from 1968, they are Corvettes through and through. They are a survivor of the times. Some of the major muscle/sports cars of the 1960s, didn’t make it through the 1970s, but the Corvette did. That toughness is what makes this Corvette such an icon. See this fine example of the last year of the C3 in its original color on display at the National Corvette Museum, on loan from Paula and Jerry Roy of Russell Springs, Kentucky. Steven Teleky – Museum Educator
The 1969 logo The 1981 logo The 1982 logo – very similar to the C4 logo from 1984-1996
Cornering lights located below the standard indicators.