Andy Pilgrim never would have guessed as a young man that his love for racing would take him as far as it has. A computer programmer by trade, he decided to give racing a go in his late twenties and it has taken him on a high speed trip through Daytona, Sebring and the streets of Le Mans, France in a Corvette race car. Along the way, he’s competed against the best in the world with world-class teammates ultimately leading him to hundreds of podium finishes and a place in the 2012 Corvette Hall of Fame. Andy was born in Nottingham, England in 1956. “At less than two years old came the first sign of trouble,” Andy says. “My mother was listening to a radio broadcast of a race while she was ironing when she heard me talking from the crib. I kept repeating the name of ‘Mike Hawthorn’ over and over again.” Hawthorn was a well-known Formula 1 driver who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955. “My mom was totally shocked as I’d not spoken hardly a word before that!” said Andy. “That was the beginning of my fascination with cars.” Andy came to the states to work in 1981, earning a living while looking for a way to get into racing. It wouldn’t be until he was 26 years old however, that he would first sit behind the wheel of a race car. “I was able to buy an old Renault Cup car in 1984 and entered it in an IMSA Renault Cup race in Riverside, California. That was my first professional race. I had to drive the car to the race though, which was about 1,400 miles away! If I crashed it, I would have been taking a bus home.”
Andy Pilgrim - Racing - 2012 Corvette Hall of Fame Induction