It is no wonder that Patrick Dolan loves Corvettes since both of them were born in Flint, Michigan. He was just eight years old when those first Vettes rolled off of the assembly line, but his first contact with one occurred on Christmas Day 1954 when one of his presents was a large scale model of a 1953. The model was around two feet long with a trunk and hood that opened. Everything about it excited Patrick, and his affection for it remained as he grew into a young man. In addition to his love for Corvettes, Patrick has a heart for serving others and a strong desire to help the helpless. At age 21 he decided that the best way to do that was to join the Michigan State Police. At recruit school, he began to train, learned self-defense skills and procedures for handling a number of situations that police officers can encounter. Another part of his training however, involved some driving instruction which led to a revelation. “In the driving part of the recruit school, I learned that I had some talent behind a wheel. I wound up being the best driver in the school. This was a surprise to me and an ability I did not know that I had.” The next year he coupled his new-found driving skill with his first-ever Corvette. “It was a 1966 427 convertible with a teakwood wheel and fully loaded. It was only a year old when I got it and it was beautiful. I wish I still had that one.” Since then Patrick has always had at least one Corvette in his garage. Once he became a Corvette owner, he didn’t waste any time getting connected with others in the hobby. In 1968 he joined the Royal Corvettes of Western Michigan and the National Council of Corvette Clubs where he has been a member ever since.
Patrick Dolan - Enthusiast - 2012 Corvette Hall of Fame Induction