APRIL 2018
there are numerous automotive auctions held each year at various locales around the country and there's always some auction action online, if you're looking for auctions that specialize in Corvettes – and possibly Corvettes only – then your scope  narrows considerably. Corvettes, like the people who buy, own and cherish  them are special, and so it stands to reason that auctions specializing in them are special, too. Even with the current state of the  economy, when it comes to collector car auctions, lots of people seem to have plenty of "disposable" income (a term we don’t understand since none of us have ever had any income that was "disposable"). Consequently, the collector car market has boomed, and so have the prices  being paid for these vehicles. In the last few years, we've seen absolutely  incredible prices being paid for muscle cars. We're talking about the very same high-powered tin sleds that cost under $4,000 when they were new that are now getting six – and  even seven – figures on the auction block!