oldest tool in the shed is undoubtedly the hammer. Hammers have been around as long as man has. In fact, stone hammers pre-date stone axes and knives. It was only after bludgeoning small prey to death with an early makeshift hammer that stone-age man figured he'd need a way to cut it up and skin it, so the stone axes and knives came about out of necessity, but as an afterthought. In the early scenes of the Stanley Kubrick movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, we see one of our primate ancestors pick up a long bone and, probably out of boredom, he smashes it down on a pile of other bones which break apart and fly about. An idea is born. This bone – an early hammer, if you will –- would be good for bashing in the skulls of enemies, thinks the ape, which is indeed what happens a bit further on in the movie. Hence, the earliest hammers were used as weapons before they were used as tools.
The Ford Mustang is generally considered to be the first “pony car”.