in your Corvette – it’s won- derful, isn’t it? Ah, yes – the wind whipping over the windshield, the sweet purr of the exhausts, the way the car effortlessly glides over the tarmac mile after mile. Until something happens to interrupt this magical journey, that is. It could be a flat tire, a strange noise coming from under the car, an alarming indication from one of the dash gauges, or any number of other nefarious things. It’s a fact of life: stuff happens. The question is: are you – and your Corvette – prepared and equipped to handle these interesting little turns life indiscriminately throws at us when it does? In addition to pleasure cruising in our Corvettes, many of us embark on yearly pilgrimages far from home, with destina- tions like Corvettes at Carlisle, Blooming- ton Gold, the National Corvette Museum,
Corvettes are a marque unto themselves is an undeniable fact; and just as the car itself is unique, working on them, whether it’s repairing, restoring or just often doing routine maintenance can require some specialized tools and equipment. Many times Corvette owners are not even aware that such specialty tools not only exist, but are available from a number of Cor- vette parts and accessories vendors. And, speaking from experience, having the right tool for the job makes things go much, much easier and faster in the long run. So here’s a brief cross section of the specialty tools that you might want to have in your garage to help you work on your Corvette.
Garage Tips
1963-1964 Antenna Nut
Spanner Wrench
tightening the antenna nut easy
without scratching the mast, from Corvette Central.
1968-1982 Door Hinge Spring
Tool makes Corvette
door spring installations painless
and quick.