One of our people went to Disney World with his wife and kids over the Christmas/New Year holiday break, leaving his 2001 C5 in the garage for the duration of their sojourn. When he returned and started the car up to come to work on the first Monday of the new year, the 'security' light kept flashing on the DIC. He he didn't think too much about it, but when he backed the car out of the garage it stalled out in the driveway. Long story short, he started it up again and as soon as he put it in gear it stalled out again. Then a 'service column lock' message displayed on the DIC and the steering column locked so he couldn't turn the wheels. He enlisted a neighbor to help push the car back into the garage and got his wife to give him a lift here to the office in their minivan. We were all a bit surprised that he wasn’t aware of this chronic C5 column-lock problem, since it’s been an Achilles heel for quite a while and well-known among the C5 population. Luckily for him, we happened to have a column lock bypass module on the shelf that we offered to install for him after work, provided we could document the procedure for a how-to; he had no problem with that. Knowing that he was between a rock and a hard place here, we decided to leverage things a bit and told him that the tariff for giving him a lift home and the labor to install the column lock bypass would cost him a pizza and some brewskies. He was good with that, too (since he was going to part- take in the little garage party as well), so as Sherlock Holmes would say, “the game was afoot”!