always nice to have a clean windshield, so if your windshield washer stops working or loses washer fluid, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and cure whatever the problem is. We noticed that our project car would lose all it’s washer fluid over the course of a couple of days; the first indication was the puddle under the car when it was parked for a couple of hours. Closer examination revealed that the washer pump itself had a leak. This is not uncommon in C5s if the washer pump freezes during the winter. Of course, if you have washer fluid in the tank, then it shouldn’t freeze. But if you have plain water in it, then it will most certainly freeze when the temperature drops. That seems to be what happened with this car. But replacing the pump is fairly simple. We got a replacement pump from Contemporary Corvette, and the only tool required for the replacement is a 10mm socket. So here’s how to replace it.