C5/C6 O.A.T. (Outside Air Temperature) SENSOR REPLACEMENT
As the name itself implies, the OAT senses what the air temperature outside the vehicle is and sends this information to the HVAC system inside your C5 or C6 so it can be displayed. More importantly, the information from this sensor is used to control the air conditioning system, so it has an important job for such a little item. You can generally tell if your OAT is on the blink if you get wildly conflicting measurements from those you are reasonably sure to be accurate. For example, if the display on the neighborhood bank says it’s 75° F and your Corvette’s display reads 125°, you can be sure that your OAT needs to be replaced. We got our replacement OAT from Eckler’s and it was less than $20. The replacement of the sensor is really just a unplug the old one and plug in the new one procedure; it’s the location of the sensor that makes it a bit of a job. These illustrations will help to give you an idea of where the sensor is.