you have a 1956 thru 1967 Corvette you know what a messy job changing your oil can be due to the OEM canister-style oil filter. But you can easily install a conver- sion kit available from Ecklers Corvette that permits you to use the considerably less expensive and infinitely more convenient spin-on AC PF-25 oil filter. And, if you're a purist who's concerned about losing points at judged shows, the old canister/filter setup can be restored in less than a half hour, so you can have spin- on convenience for everyday cruising and a correct setup for judged events. Considering that a spin-on filter costs only about 1/3 the price of a canister filter, the conversion kit pays for itself after a few oil changes. The whole job takes well under an hour, and here's how to go about doing the conversion.