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2.56 was the first gear ratio of the wide-ratio Muncie 4-speed trans first used in the 1963 Corvette which replaced the Borg- Warner trans.
EVERY CORVETTE HAS A STORY – WHAT’S YOURS? Indulge me: take a couple of minutes to answer a few simple questions, OK? What made you buy a Corvette? Where and when did you purchase your Corvette? What appealed to you about this particular Corvette? Was/is this your first Corvette? Have you done anything to “personalize” it? Do you have other Corvettes in addition to this one? They, too, have their own stories Now, here’s the thing: the answers you gave to these simple questions are what comprises your Corvette story for this car. Plus, any other incidents, conditions and/or anecdotes connected with it make it an interesting read. We are interested in reading your Corvette’s story and we are willing to give you a copy of the Corvette Black Book if we decide to publish it. And, bear in mind, we know that not every Corvette story will sound like a scene from an Indiana Jones movie, but we’d like to read about it anyway and include a photo or two. I always enjoy hearing from you, so CLICK HERE to SEND ME YOUR CORVETTE STORY.
JULY 2019