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BOO YA! Summer is over, Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner. While this time of year is my personal favorite, for many the farewell to warm summer nights and bright, sunny days is something less than wonderful, especially if you cover it and let it hibernate in your garage rather than using it, like so many of us northerners do. But if you DO use your ‘Vette in the colder weather, you’ll really enjoy the extra pep it has due to the lower air temperatures. When you have lemons, make lemonade! So, with this October 2017 issue, we once again are happy to showcase the very creative art and photoshop work of Tom Hiltz with his interpretations of what a Corvette Halloween should look like – be sure to click on the pictures to get a larger view. We also have some interesting project articles in this issue, like replacing the seat recliner mechanism for C5 seats, replacing a Shark urethane front bumper with a flexglass unit, and even how to repair fiberglass bumper mounting holes, plus the Memo from the Museum and much more. So enjoy your Fall & this issue!