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TIME TO CLEAN UP YOUR ACT It’s no secret that Corvette owners are, shall we say, possessive about their Corvettes, and there’s good reason for that. Historically, it’s the oldest continually- produced marque in the Chevrolet lineup and it’s also America’s sports car – two claims that no other marque can make. And, while it makes good sense to take care of your Corvette to help maintain its current (and future) value, it is still a car. And cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. If your Corvette could talk, I’m sure it would tell you that it’s much happier when it’s out on the open road than when it’s sitting in a garage underneath a car cover. When a Corvette is being driven, it is fulfilling its purpose for being – to convey you from on place to another with safety, comfort and style – the very reasons it was designed and built to fulfill. And if you take care of your Corvette and maintain it the way it should be main- tained, it will not only last you for many, many years but it will retain, and very likely increase in, value in the coming years. Some folks interpret this to mean that they should use the car only sparingly to keep the mileage as low as possible. This is a dichotomy in that by not driving the car it is not fulfilling its purpose and destiny.  So clean and polish your ‘Vette, then get out and drive it!
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