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2.56 was the first gear ratio of the wide-ratio Muncie 4-speed trans first used in the 1963 Corvette which replaced the Borg- Warner trans.
New Column, New Projects We receive a lot of email from our readers each month, and we’ve notice a sharp increase in the number of C5-related questions and problems over the last year or two. Why? In truth, we don’t know why but we think it’s probably because you can get a used C5 for a very reasonable price. That, plus the fact the the C5s are incredibly durable and reliable coupled with the ability to modify and customized that platform with myriad choices and aftermarket parts make it a rich canvas for customization. So, in response to reader interest, we’ve decided to add a new column in each issue called Corvette C5 Solutions. The purpose of this column is to answer readers’ questions, provide knowledge and advice as well as explanations, tips and tricks to help keep C5 running at the top of their game and to further enhance the owning and driving experience. Even if you’re not a C5 owner, there’s plenty of good information here for everyone – some of which may apply to other generations as well. We’ve also gotten a lot of email regarding “how-to” projects. For example, several folks have asked what’s involved in painting aftermarket add-on parts without going to the expense of having a body shop do the work. We specifically took on the challenge by prepping and painting body side moldings for a project C5 and we take you step-by-step through the project. If you take  your time and follow the steps you, also, can achieve truly professional results. And we didn’t forget all you other Corvette owners either. As always, there’s projects on up- grades, resto, how-tos and lots more, so by all means, ejoy this issue!