Tom Benford, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
INTO THE ABYSS... Everyday we see or hear about businesses that simply could not survive the economic and psychological impact of Covid-19. Unfortunately, some of these good folks that we do business with are among those who are giving up the struggle and closing down their operations. While this is certainly disheartening, it is also very understandable why these folks have come to this decision. I’ve been publishing since July, 2010; next month will mark the tenth anniversary that we’ve been around and, for me, it’s time to make a very difficult decision: to keep publishing as long as we can, or perhaps seeing what may very well be the handwriting on the wall and just pull up stakes and fold the whole operation. It’s time for some serious soul-searching, especially in light of steadily-decreasing advertising revenue, another nasty by-product of Covid-19. Nobody has a crystal ball to see what the future holds in store for us, so for now the best way seems to hang on as long as possible and hope for the best. Hopefully, there will be a 10th anniversary issue next month, and hopefully we’ll all be around to see it. Stay well and safe!
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