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The “Blueflame Six” engine in the 1953 Corvette developed 150HP thanks to its three 1bbl downdraft carburetors.
Here Comes Summer! It seems that winter has finally released its hold on us and has gone at last – good riddance! So, now that warmer weather is here and summer is upon us, there are lots of things to check to make sure your Corvette is ready for cruising in the heat. First and foremost, make sure your coolant level is full and that your fan belt or serpentine belt and pulleys/tensioners are in good order to minimize the chance of overheating in traffic. Be sure to read our Summer Road Trip feature. The next thing to put on your list is tire pressure. In addition to giving you better mileage, keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure will extend their life. And don’t forget that in hot weather tire pressures increase due to heat, so keep a tire gauge handy in your glove box and use it to check your pressure often. Having an air conditioner that blows nice, cold air is something not to be taken for granted in the hot summer months, so make sure your A/C system is free of leaks and fully charged. To better understand how your automotive air conditioner works, be sure to see our Cover Feature and Tech feature on that subject – it sheds a lot of light on an often misunderstood automotive system. And getting stuck with a weak or dead battery can be a real drag, especially in the heat. So make sure that your battery is in good shape, as well as the battery cables and clamps.