by Wendell K. Strode, Exec. Dir. National Corvette Museum 270-467-8814
On June 21, 2018 Donald Duncan’s phone rang. His wife, Candy, answered, telling Don it was a call from Bowling Green. “Hi Donald, this is Katie from the National Corvette Museum, do you know why I might be calling you today?” It was a Corvette raffle drawing day, and Don had purchased a ticket to win a 2019 Arctic White Grand Sport Convertible. Seemingly not surprised at all, Don answered with, “Probably the same reason you called me about four years ago!” Clearly stunned, Katie then asked Don if he had won a Corvette from the National Corvette Museum before. Indeed, Don had. In 2014, the National Corvette Museum was celebrating their 20th Anniversary. As part of the festivities, two commemorative, one-of-a-kind Corvettes were to be raffled off as fundraisers for the Museum. The first, a 2014 Torch Red Coupe with special features by Corvette Exterior Designer Kirk Bennion. And the second, it’s sister car, a 2014 Arctic White Convertible, also with special features by Bennion. With limited space in their garage, and the fact that their 2014 Corvette didn’t get driven much (partly because it was a manual), the idea of donating it sounded like a good one. “Why not give it back to the Museum,” said Don. But the idea of donating it came up even before winning the second Corvette. “He’d even talked about donating this next year, that was already in the back of his mind to do that,” said Candy. The couple decided to donate the 2014, the first C7 that the Museum would own, in conjunction with taking R8C Museum Delivery of Candy’s Grand Sport on Tuesday, November 13. The 2014 is now being displayed in the Museum’s Skydome as part of the Generations display, representing the seventh generation. Thank you to Don and Candy Duncan for their generosity! We’re excited to welcome back such a special car to the Museum (and just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the Museum in 2019)!
Special, One-Of-A-Kind Corvette Has Historical Tie to Museum