1967 Corvette Coupe Marlboro Maroon 427ci / 390hp owner: Tom Benford location: Brick, NJ Tom’s Corvette Story: Finding A Big Block Fuel Pump in Falmoth
Liz and  I took our '67 Corvette 427 Coupe up to Cape Cod in Hyannis, MA on Memorial Day Weekend quite a few years ago, to get away from the craziness of the New Jersey Shore (where we live) on this, the official start, of tourist season. Yup, we left town and our own “shore” traffic to help create some “shore” traffic elsewhere! The 350-mile trip was pleasant and uneventful, with the 'Vette cruising along effortlessly at 75- 80 MPH average with the tach hovering around the 2,600 RPM mark (it's nice to have a 3.08 positraction rear end – you run out of nerve before you run out of pedal). Both Liz and I enjoyed the ride, especially the sweet throaty music coming from the new side exhaust system I had installed just two days earlier. We arrived about 4:30 PM at Tara's Hyannis Resort, our favorite hotel on the Cape. After checking in, unpacking and freshening up a bit, we got back in the 'Vette and went to Mitchell's Pub and Steak House, for a delicious meal. The next morning we embarked on our 15- mile journey to the biggest flea market on the Cape in Mashpee, another of our favorite activities when we came up on holiday weekends (we usually did Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day weekends, foregoing a formal vacation from our business instead, back in those days). On the way to the flea market Liz said she smelled raw gas, but I didn't notice any aroma. After a schlepping around the flea market for a couple of hours and buying various odds and ends, we returned to the hotel and parked the car. After having lunch and making a couple of phone calls, we decided to take a ride into Woods Hole to visit the Oceanographic Institute and the horticultural gardens there. When we neared the car in the hotel parking lot, I suggested that we push the car back before starting it to see if there was any gasoline leak under the car; we did so, and, sure enough, there was a small puddle of fresh gas under the right side of the engine. I popped the hood, started the engine and observed a steady drip coming from the bottom of the fuel pump. I hypothesized that there was either a crack in the fuel line hose or a bad clamp, so we embarked on finding a local gas station that could do the repair (I didn't have any tools in the car, and to get at the fuel line connections you'd have to be under the car anyway, requiring a lift or at least a heavy-duty jack).
Larry Shinoda penned the immortal lines that made the MidYears the most highly-prized and sought after Corvettes. The MidYear run only lasted 5 years, from 1963 to 1967, making it the shortest of all 6 generations of Corvettes.