2015 C7 Corvette Coupe Arctic White 376ci / 460hp owner: Ed Styczynski location: Brick, NJ Ed’s Corvette Story
I always loved Corvettes and but I couldn’t afford them until 1980 when I finally got one. It was a 1977 L42 that I had for two years, then I bought a ‘63 Split Window Coupe and, when my kids were small, they liked to get on either side of the rear window, sharing it. From there I went to an ‘88 Anniversary Corvette, the all white one, and then I went to a ‘58 with both tops. Then onto a ‘98 white convertible which I had for a couple of years, then I bought the gem of my collection – it was a 1965 396/424 Coupe, factory side pipes and every piece of paperwork concerning delivery and the purchase of the car. I had that for twelve years and I won everything you could possibly win – the Triple Crown, the Duntov Award, Bloomington Gold, Chevy ‘Vettefest at that time. I competed all over Pennsylvania, but I took it to shows all over, to Chicago, Canada – I loved that car and it won everything. And then what happened is I got a case of neuropathy and, all of a sudden, trying to shift a 4- speed was a problem. So I bought another ‘65 Maroon Coupe that had every power option you could get in a car, black leather interior and I was at a car show and a guy came up to me and asked if I ever thought about selling this car. And I answered, “not really”. He told me that he had a friend who was looking for a MidYear a long, long time and he thinks he would love this car. So I told him, “everything’s for sale if the price is right”. So I went over to the guy’s house the next day with the car. He looked the car over and the next day I went to his bank and I got a certified check for the maroon car.  So then I went out and bought this 2015 Corvette. I figured I’d go back to the creature comforts. I like the car but the only problem is that I have a one-car garage where I live and to get out of the car I practically have to fall out of it because I can’t open the door wide enough. But other than that I love the way the car rides and handles – I think it’s the best Corvette they ever built. I have the paddle-shift but I never use it; I just put it in drive. At 77, it doesn’t turn me on. If it did, I would have bought a Z06. Why does he call it “Ed’s UFO”? He says, “Because it’s so fast that it’s a blur and people don’t know what it is, so it’s a UFO”. And that’s his Corvette Story and he’s sticking to it!