Another season is beginning and most of us see Mother Nature’s effect with the cooler weather, winds from the north, and the changing of the color/falling of the leaves.  For NCCC, changes are beginning as well with the renewal of memberships, voting for 2018 officers, bylaw changes, and the location of our annual convention that will take place in 2019.  Yes, it takes several years to plan these annual events.      Membership in NCCC includes the following categories- primary, spouse/companion, youth, associate, lifetime, enthusiast, and member-at-large.  Information about the different categories and costs are listed on the NCCC web site,, under the heading of membership.  Our newest category is enthusiast members which allows individuals who do not actually own a Corvette but are interested in interacting and participating in activities with a local club.  It may seem strange as some wonder why anyone would be interested in being involved in a Corvette club that does not own a Corvette.  Club activities often involve friends and family members who do not own a Corvette but enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of the members in the club.  This category allows these individuals to join and feel like they are part of the club/organization.  Hopefully, their participation will encourage them to purchase a Corvette and join as a primary member but if not, they can still participate and feel part of the club.      The time period of October to December is the busiest time for our VP of Membership and Regional Membership Directors as they gather member information and dues.  Most clubs have a dues fee for the club and NCCC combined into one cost.  All clubs are encouraged to be 100% NCCC membership but can belong to NCCC with 51% of the club having membership in NCCC.  Those who are not members of NCCC do not receive the benefits of third party insurance and points for entering NCCC competition events.  The insurance benefit is not always totally appreciated but just like all other insurance policies, we never think much about it until we need it.       The attached photo was provided by James Stimmel of Perry County Corvette Club, a NCCC club in Pennsylvania, part of the East Region.   Members are traveling to a club picnic through the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania.  This is just one of the many ways that NCCC members enjoy participation in the organization.       Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!