The flowers and trees are blooming and that usually signals the start of the NCCC Corvette activity.  Even though members are active all year with local club activities, socials, car shows, and some competitive events, everything seems to “blossom” in April as the number of cruises, Car Shows, concours events, and general club activity that includes your Corvette, increases.  Our friends in the Northeast may continue to dig out of the snow into April but for most of the NCCC family across the US, there is plenty of activity to look forward to.      People’s Choice Car Shows and the Concours are events in the NCCC Competition Program that members can receive competition points for their participation.  But many members just enjoy cleaning their car, getting the cobwebs off and showing their pride and joy among other Corvette enthusiasts.  The concours is a judged contest by individuals selected by the host club- usually members- to evaluate the car based on certain guidelines agreed upon by our Competition Committee and ultimately, the Governor’s of each club.  The judging is not as strict as the NCRS judging and they truly are not the same thing.  NCCC is more focused on clean and shiny, how well the car is taken care of while NCRS tends to focus on the authenticity of the car.  The People’s Choice Car Show selections are based on who likes your car at the event.  So those members who enjoy showing a clean car but not necessarily clean down to the “nuts and bolts” can also receive some kudos for keeping their favorite sports car in beautiful condition.  In both the concours and People’s Choice Car show, Corvettes are placed into certain classes based on the year of the Corvette and then on some modifications.  The list of modifications affecting the classification of the Corvette is more extensive in the Concours event.  Dependent upon the location of the event, these two activities usually draw a big crowd as many casual observers enjoy checking out the beauty and uniqueness of the Corvette.      To see one of these activities, check out the web site and find an event in your area.  You can look under the section of Competition or go to the area of the country where you live, click on the map and you can find events in that area.  If travelling to a certain area of the country for vacation, you can learn about events in that area that you may want to check out.      NCCC is a big family of Corvette lovers.  Check us out, try us out, and you will not be disappointed.  Save the wave!!
APRIL 2018
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