A quick look in the past brings great memories of the 2017 NCCC convention that was held in Bowling Green, KY.  The atmosphere in Bowling Green is always great for the Corvette enthusiast but this trip brought a different type of excitement for several other reasons.  The convention hosts did not realize what a bonanza they had when they began planning this event 2 years ago as the Bowling Green area was a prime spot for the solar eclipse and no one in attendance was unhappy about that.  Another unique experience was the high speed and low speed racing at the NCM Motorsports Park.  Many members had their first experience on this big track and they will be planning to return.  But even better was the opportunity for members to do the lapping experience at the track.  Some members said this experience was the highlight of the convention for them so if a trip to the NCM and the Motorsports Park is in your future, pencil in plans to check out the lapping excitement.  You will not be disappointed!      Fall activities are plentiful on the NCCC calendar for many clubs.  Car shows, speed events, rallies, drag races, you name it and you can find an event to check out the organization.  Look on the web site,, at the event schedule and you will have numerous options to select from.  For the competitor, we are in the final quarter of the competition season so many members will be entering events across the country to win one of the competition awards given annually to the top 15 Clubs, Men and Women who score the most points in the competition program.  Points are accrued through competition in the various events listed in our rulebook and the awards are presented at our annual convention.  This season is also very popular for show and shine car shows as many clubs host local car shows that will include non NCCC members and open car shows for all automotive enthusiasts.  Obviously, we believe that the Corvette is the “King of the Hill” but our members are car lovers in general.      Plan are in progress for our 2018 Convention which will be held in “Nawlins”- New Orleans.    We were there in 1989 and we look forward to returning for an exciting week of touring, eating, competing and visiting with our NCCC friends from across the country.  More details will be coming in the future.       Save the wave!  Check out NCCC at our web site,