NCCC is a special organization of Corvette owners in individual clubs across the country.  Members in these clubs are very involved in their community with special charitable activities, parades, local events that support the area such as food banks, the local VFW’s, supporting the NCCC National Charity- St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital- the list goes on and on as we work to help those in need in our communities and across the country.  We are a giving group of Corvette enthusiasts. Cowtown Vettes in Fort Worth, Texas is a wonderful example  of this giving back, “paying it forward” in the local area.  A member was recently contacted by a resident of Fort Worth who has a son with Down’s Syndrome.  She explained to the member that her soon to be 14 year old son had a great passion for Corvettes and asked if anyone from the club might be willing to come to their house on his birthday and take him for a short drive for a special “gift”.  This club responded with 20 members in 13 cars on this young mans birthday and gave him, his family and neighbors a great thrill when they were agreeable to take not only the birthday boy for a ride but family members and a few neighbors as well.  They travelled to a local restaurant for hamburgers and birthday cake where they met 3 FWPD officers who presented the young man with a FWPD badge.  What a special day for this young man but what a greater thrill for these members who took time out of their day to share their passion for Corvettes with another Corvette enthusiast (see picture). This sharing, caring, outpouring of love for others is very common among this organization across the country.  It is with great pride that I can state that this type of activity is seen among clubs from the East Coast to the West Coast.  The NCCC membership card makes the statement “We joined for the car- We stay for the people” and this story told above is a perfect example of what our clubs are about.  The Corvette brings us together but it is really just the first stepping stone to forming relationships with fellow owners that lead us to other activities other than just those centered around the Corvette. NCCC members enjoyed their annual convention in New Orleans in mid July and look forward to the 60th annual convention July 2019 in Denver, Colorado.  NCCC will be participating in the Corvettes of Carlisle event in August 2018 with a car show and a spot on the midway.  Be sure to stop by and find out why “We joined for the car – We stay for the people.”