RATCHET TIE DOWNS AXLE STRAPS Mr. Gasket Straps, Tie-Down Straps, and Tie-Down Kits are a secure and convenient way to attach any vehicle to a trailer and are ideal for race cars, show cars, UTVs, and pit carts alike. The ratchet straps include zinc-plated steel ratchet assemblies with extra-strong black webbing and spring-loaded retaining hook clasps. The axle straps also feature heavy-duty zinc plated steel hardware and extra-strong black webbing with a red protective cover to prevent damage to the webbing. The tie-down kits include a pair of ratchet straps and a pair axle straps. AIR FILTER CLEANER AND OIL KIT Mr. Gasket Air Filter Cleaner & Oil is designed to clean and restore all cotton mesh-style washable air filter elements to their original condition. Both the filter cleaner and the oil come in convenient 12-ounce non-aerosol hand-pump style bottles and are a fast, easy way to bring back the performance and appearance of washable air filters of all types. NON-MARRING GASKET SCRAPER Mr. Gasket Non-Marring Gasket Scrapers are ideal for removing stubborn gasket residue. These handy, industrial-strength tools employ special non-marring plastic blades attached to a carbon-steel body with a comfortable plastic and rubber-grip handle that fits perfectly in your hand. They're fully compatible with all standard single-edge razor blades, and the included blades are perfect for removing labels and decals from glass. Mr. Gasket Non-Marring Gasket Scrapers come complete with the gasket scraper itself, 10 non-marring double-edge plastic blades, and 10 single-edge razor blades. For detailed product information and high-resolution product images of Mr. Gasket's complete line of tie- downs and axle straps, click here. For the Air Filter Cleaner and Oil Kit, click here. And for the Non-Marring Gasket Scraper, click here.