DIAGRAM10.JPG - For models with ABS unit mounted to the LF of the K- Member: assemble the brass fittings onto the oil pump as shown in Diagram #11c. Position the oil pump mounting plate onto the right side of the front K- Member as shown and mark the position of the two 3/8” holes to be drilled as shown in Diagram #11b. Mark and drill the holes through the K- Member as shown using a 3/8” drill bit. (Note: Before drilling the oil pump mounting holes, position the plate so that the spacers will clear any factory equipment such as PS cooler lines and so the installed pump will clear the sway bar and any other factory equipment.) Install the two 3/8” x 2” bolts through the oil pump mounting bracket as shown. Install the mounting pump spacers onto each bolt then install the bolts through the drilled holes in the K-Member and secure the mounting plate with the flat washer, lock washer and nut provided on each bolt. Insert the four #10 bolts partially through the oil pump mounting plate from the back side. Note: Some cars are equipped with a different style power steering cooler, it is basically a hard line that routes in front of the k-member from driver side to passenger and back. If you have this hard line you may need to bend or tweak to get the oil pump to fit.
DIAGRAM11.JPG – Install the 36 inch long 3/8” oil return hose onto the barbed fitting on the outlet side of the oil pump.  Install the 150 inch long 1/2” oil return hose onto the barbed fitting on the inlet side (with the pressure switch) of the oil pump as shown in Diagram #11. Cover the open ends of the hoses and feed the long oil return hose under the rack and pinion and along the factory wiring harness down the driver side of the engine. (Note:  The oil return hoses use a “Push-lock” style of hose and barb which are difficult to install and do not require a hose clamp once installed properly.  The STS oil pump and bracket may interfere with some factory equipment on some models.) Route the 4 post plug of the STS harness along the factory harness on the fan shroud down under the passenger side cooling fan. Connect the 4 post plug from the harness to the pump.  Mount the oil pump to the pump mounting bracket using the #10 bolts, flat-washers and lock- nuts provided and route the short 3/8” oil return hose up between the engine and the radiator fan shroud. Leave the protective rubber cap off the switch at this time. (Note: Do not over-tighten the oil pump mounting bolts and damage the rubber insulators. The oil return hoses use “Push- Lock” style barbed fittings which are a tight fit and do not require a hose clamp. The oil pump is reversible and will pump oil in either direction. The polarity of the wires may or may not match the + or – markings on top of the oil pump.) Secure the wiring harness and oil return hoses away from the belts and pulleys on the front of the engine. (IMPORTANT: Keep all hoses and wiring away from any sharp, hot and/or moving objects.)