REMOTE TWIN TURBO PRE-INSTALL: FUEL PUMP Why change fuel pumps? We’re installing this Walbro in-tank fuel pump for high performance applications where the standard pump is not capable of supplying sufficient fuel flow. This pump is rated at 255 liters/hour (6gph) at 58psi of fuel pressure at 13.5 volts. This is sufficient to handle up to roughly 700 HP, allowing for hot fuel handling and jet pump operation. This is the same pump as recommended for use with the Squires Turbo Systems on twin turbocharged C5 Corvettes. Please note that later model 2003 Corvettes run a different fuel pump and tank mounting.
The less fuel there is in the car the better. Use a coupling tool to disconnect the fuel feed line on the driver side to allowfor draining and for air to get in.
Elevate the car and support it with jack stands. Disconnect the fuel pump harness from the yellow socket on the mounting plate. Then use the coupling tool to disconnect both hoses connected to the plate pipes.
Place a catch basin beneath the pump and loosen all of the mounting bolts.
With the bolts loosened, gently move the mounting plate so that the gasket breaks its seal; expect some fuel to come out unless the tank is virtually empty (that’s why you need a catch basin).