Pirelli run-flats on stock chrome C5 wheels provide the rolling power, with black powder- coated calipers handling the whoa-power.
DIAGRAM1 – Unpack the turbo kit and account for all parts as per Diagram 1. Inspect parts for shipping damage and make sure there is no debris or packing material in any of the components that could potentially cause damage to the engine and/or turbochargers. 
DIAGRAM2 – Unpack the turbo kit and account for all parts as per Diagram 2. Check the insides of all pipes for any debris that could potentially enter the engine and/or cause damage to the turbochargers. Connect (-) terminal on oil pump to 12v and (+) terminal to ground using jumper wires and run oil pump for 5 minutes to break in oil pump brushes. Note: The oil pump will be very noisy during this process.
DIAGRAM3 – WASTEGATE INSTALLATION WARNING! The boost reference hose from the intake manifold or compressor must be connected to the Front Boost Port fitting on the wastegate(s).  The Rear Vent Port on the wastegate must be vented to atmosphere. Applying boost pressure to the Rear Vent Port of the wastegate and/or not applying boost pressure to the Front Boost Port will cause the wastegate to stay closed and the turbo to over-boost. This will cause IMMEDIATE SEVERE damage to the vehicle‟s engine!  It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator to frequently inspect the wastegate and wastegate hoses to ensure that the wastegate hoses are connected properly, are in good condition and that the wastegate is functioning properly. The easiest way to monitor boost levels is through a boost gauge.  It is recommended that a vacuum/boost gauge be installed in all turbocharged vehicles.
DIAGRAM4 - Unplug the #2 injector plug from the injector.  The common power wire will be the same color wire on all of the injectors. Find this wire on the #2 injector then probe it with a test light. Turn on the ignition but DO NOT start the car.  The test light should light up with the ignition on and remain on for approximately 2 seconds after the ignition is turned off.   Once the correct wire is located, install the provided t-tap onto the power wire. It is recommended to solder the provided pig tail onto the power wire for a more secure connection. Disconnect both positive and negative leads from the battery.