#6 stainless supply hoses from the engine to the #6 fitting on the inlet of the check valve assembly. Secure the hoses and check valves to the factory brake lines with the nylon ties provided. (IMPORTANT: The supply hose from the engine must be flushed out before final assembly. Note the flow direction ARROW on each check valve – it should point toward the turbocharger.) Route the oil return hose (from the oil pump) along the same path, cut to length and install the hose onto the hose barb on the oil return T fitting. Secure the T fitting and hose to the oil supply hose with nylon ties. Route the wastegate hose to the top of the rear differential (SEE WASTEGATE WARNING AT BEGINNING OF THIS PROJECT) cut to length and install the supplied ¼” brass T. Install a 16 inch long ¼” hose onto either end of the brass T. Route either hose to the BOTTOM port of each wastegate and install onto barb.  Secure all hoses with nylon ties to prevent damage from hot exhaust, sharp and/or moving objects. (IMPORTANT: Use caution when routing the wastegate hose.  If this hose gets damaged, it can cause the turbo to boost uncontrollably and cause SEVERE and IMMEDIATE engine damage!) DIAGRAM20.JPG – Reinstall the rear sway bar. Loosen the 6 turbine housing bolts and rotate the center section of the turbocharger so that the oil outlet flange faces straight down (the AN fitting should face forward) as shown in Diagram #20.  Tighten the turbine housing bolts to 12 ft lbs. Loosen the 6 compressor housing bolts and rotate the compressor housing so that the outlet lines up with Pipe #1. Tighten the compressor housing bolts to 10 ft lbs and slide the 2”x3” silicone hose on Pipe #1 forward onto each compressor outlet and secure the clamps.  Install a 2.5”x3” silicone hose and clamps onto the outlet ends of the upper intake pipes and secure the clamps. Install a 2.75”x3” silicone hose and clamps all the way onto the outlet ends of the lower intake pipes then insert the small end of each lower intake pipe into the upper intake pipe.  Align the lower intake pipes with the compressor inlets and slide the silicone hose over the compressor inlet. Position the intake pipes and clamps to provide adequate clearance from other components and secure all the hose clamps. Install a 24” #6 stainless oil return hose onto both of the oil outlet fittings of the turbochargers. Connect the other end of the stainless oil return hoses to the #6 fittings on the oil return hose T which runs to the oil pump. Tighten the fittings on the ends of these hoses so that they will keep the hoses from hanging down. The hoses should fit nicely between the rear sway bar and the lower sway bar frame bushing mounting studs as shown. Once the system has been installed and all pipes are lined up correctly, securely tighten all the hose clamps and tighten all the mounting hardware and bolts. Double check all the hose routing and make sure that hoses are secure and away from any hot, sharp and/or moving objects. (Note:  When the turbocharger and all the tubing have been installed correctly, the installation should be identical to the picture in Diagram #20.)