Pirelli run-flats on stock chrome C5 wheels provide the rolling power, with black powder- coated calipers handling the whoa-power.
CHOOSING THE RIGHT TIRE FOR YOUR CORVETTE C6 OR C7 (or even your C5 if you’re upsizing) On the following pages, we’ve selected a nice cross-section of available tires for Corvettes. Since the C6 and C7 Corvettes use the same size tires (Front: 245/40ZR18 – Rear: 285/35ZR19). And, if you have a C5, you can still benefit from this buyer guide if you decide to upsize (if you didn’t see our how-to feature on upsizing, check it our by clicking here: http://allaboutvettes.com/MAY2018/how-to.htm). It’s important to select the right tire for the type of driving you do as well as the climate you intend to use the Corvette in. If you live in the North where temps drop and you will be driving the car in colder temps, then you don’t want to select a summer/warm weather tire; you’re much better suited to an all- season/all-weather tire. Also, many C5/6/7 owner have opted to run radials rather than run-flat tires because of the softer ride, better handling and they’re much quieter than run-flats. Thus, our buyer guide features inflatable radials rather than run-flats. That being said, check out our selection of tires that will be right for you.