OK – so let’s get down to the business of getting your Corvette running right and then clean for cruising season and car shows. MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE The first thing on your agenda should be taking care of the mechanical end of things. Here’s a check list for you: Check battery condition and charge Check tire condition and air pressure, adjusting as needed Check air cleaner & replace if necessary Check coolant - drain, flush and fill if necessary Check cooling system hoses and clamps Oil - change oil and filter Check trans fluid if it’s an automatic Look under the car - see if there are any leaks Check power steering fluid Check brake fluid level in master cylinder Check engine belts for wear, replacing if necessary Check spark plugs for wear, color and gap Replace the fuel filter Fill ‘er up with fresh gasoline
Fresh, new spark plugs, properly gapped, will deliver optimum spark in your engine.
Be sure to check all your hoses and belts, replacing and/or tightening wherever necessary. A clean, new air filter ensures your Corvette’s engine will breathe easier, too.