The early seventies were heady times for the experimental Corvette development group, with con- cepts flying out left and right. The XP-895 was an experiment in using aluminum extensively, al- though heavily based on the 2-Rotor. But it used a conventional (presumably aluminum) 400 cid V8, and weighed some 400 lbs less than its steel donor. But plain old cast-iron and fiberglass production Corvettes were flying out the dealers’ doors, so there was little incentive to rock the boat. In 1986, the Indy Concept was intended to piggy-back on Chevy’s Indy-engine program, although not as in actually use that 2.65 turbocharged demon, but in the classic halo-car way.  It used a 32 valve 5.7 liter engine, and showcased GM’s styling themes of the times, evoking the Aurora in particular.