Here’s a look at the stock fans prior to their removal from our project C5; note how deep the fan shroud is.
The Maradyne MM22KT Mach II high-performance fan used for the upgrade.
We figured the best way to do this was to get more air moving through the radiator to cool things down, so we opted to go with a Maradyne MM22KT Mach II high-performance fan setup The stock C5 fans put out 1,600cfm, and the Maradyne puts out 2,760cfm, so at almost double the stock output we certainly expected to cool things down a bit. To make sure things would work the way we planned, we also ordered a Maradyne MFA103 195° temperature switch, and a Maradyne MFA111 dual fan adapter kit. The Mach II is designed with top and bottom mounting flanges so you can drill your own holes to bolt the fan directly to the U-channels on the top and bottom of the radiator, so it wasn’t necessary to order any mounting brackets. As it turned out, we opted to use the stock wiring harness, making adapters to fit the Maradyne fan, so the temp switch and dual fan adapter kit weren’t needed after all. One of the first things we noticed about the Maradyne fans were that they are considerably shallower than the stock units – about 2” inches less in depth front-to-back – and about 7-8 lbs. lighter. Before we installed the Maradyne unit, we had a 12-volt power supply on the shop bench, so we jumpered it to the fans and were suitably impressed with the volume of air they put out as well as how quiet they were. It was then that we went over the excellent and explicit instructions that came with the wiring kit that we decided to use the stock C5 wiring harness. However, if you’re going to upgrade an older Corvette (or other vehicle) that eisn’t already equipped with electric fans, you’ll definitely want (and need) the wiring kit. Maradyne has a wide assortment of fans, mounting brackets and wiring kit for just about any application you can think of in the Maradyne online catalog – click here to check it out. So, with everything we needed to proceed with the upgrade, it was into the shop to put the C5 on the lift and proceed with the project.