(Note: There is a remote possibility that this condition could occur in the intake tubing of the turbocharger system without an inter- cooler. The above precautions could be taken by drilling a small hole in the lowest point of the turbocharger intake tubing as described in step 2 or 3.) DIAGRAM23.JPG – Reinstall the AIR pump to the radiator support bracket with the three 6mm x 50mm bolts, lock- washers and the 1.25” long spacers provided as shown in Diagram #23. Install the 2 upper mounting bolts and spacers first, as the lower bolt will require trimming of the front fascia and LF air dam plastic to clear the relocated AIR pump bracket. Cut a slot in the plastic fascia and LF air dam and install the lower bolt and spacer. Reinstall the LF air dam and LF splash panel. Check the routing of the AIR Pump inlet hose (with the previously installed BLACK breather filter) and secure the hose with a nylon tie. Lower the vehicle to access under the hood. DIAGRAM24.JPG – Install the MAF outlet into the inlet side of the new air bridge and secure with clamp. Install the 3.75” x 2.25” silicone hose and 2 clamps onto the inlet end of the MAF sensor and secure with a hose clamp. The flow indicator arrow on the side of the MAF sensor should point toward the throttle body. Position the air bridge/MAF sensor assembly onto the throttle body and the intercooler outlet flange and secure the assembly in place with the hose clamps. Route the MAF sensor harness to the MAF sensor and secure the harness to prevent damage from hot, sharp and/or moving objects. Connect the MAF sensor harness connector onto the MAF sensor. (Note: If the MAF air bridge assembly doesn’t line up properly, the intercooler can be moved forward or back by loosening the lower radiator support brackets and the hose clamps on Pipe #4’s. Slide the intercooler into the proper position then tighten the radiator support brackets and the hose clamps.) Replace the factory oil cap on the valve cover with the new STS oil cap with quick disconnect fittings. Route the 36 inch long 3/8” oil return hose from the oil pump over the throttle body and to the STS oil cap as shown in Diagram #24. Cut the hose to length. Remove the quick disconnect fitting and install the fitting into the end of the oil return hose. Reconnect the fitting to the oil cap and secure the hose away from any HOT, SHARP and/or MOVING objects with the nylon ties provided. (Note: Route and secure the MAF sensor harness to prevent damage from HOT, SHARP and/or MOVING objects as well.)