Pirelli run-flats on stock chrome C5 wheels provide the rolling power, with black powder- coated calipers handling the whoa-power.
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 The device also acts as a voltage regulator to ensure that power levels throughout your car's electrical system is stabilised. This ensures there's no electrical fluctuation within the car's systems and prevents a malfunction.  Once your car's electrical system is stabilised, the Max~Zone device presents other improvements that stem from a stable and reliable current in your electrical system. You get smoother acceleration, gear changes in an automatic gearbox becomes smoother, air-conditioner works with improved efficiency and the audio system becomes louder and clearer.  With the installation of a product like Max~Zone, you can ensure that your car's electrical system and most importantly, the battery will be well maintained and be able to serve out its designed service life and beyond with minimum reduction in its performance.