The first thing you have to do is to remove the sensor by unsnapping it and pulling it free from the mount. Then remove the stock air bridge from the engine
Carefully remove the sensor mount and the mount grommet from the stock unit
You'll have to bore a hole into the side of the carbon fiber duct. Use a wood boring bit and approximate the position of the hole as it was on the stock duct. Don't use any pressure - let the bit do the work, as you don't want to crack the carbon fiber, which is brittle. Clean up all the stray dust and ragged edges when the hole is done.
Insert the grommet, making sure it fits uniformly around the hold on both the inside and outside, then push the sensor mount into it. Install the duct, tighten the clamps and snap the air-temperature sensor back into the mount and you're done (see #5.jpg).