We applied several light coats of primer to these shorter moldings, waiting a few minutes between coats. Corvette Central was our source for these body parts. i’s much better to do several light coats rather that a heavier coat, since the latter is more likely to have runs in it.
After the final light coat, the moldings were left along to dry thoroughly for an hour before applying the color base coats.
Here's what we received from AutomotiveTouchup: 2 cans each of sandable primer, base color coat and clear coat, surface prep wipes, polishing compound, sanding block, assorted grit sandpapers, spray can trigger handle – everything for professional results!
We started with the short moldings first – these are the ones that mount in front of the door hinges. Since these parts have a slight curvature, we opted to rest them on some lug nuts so that the paint would coat the bottoms of the moldings, and we wiped them down with the provided paint prep surface wipes.