This really isn’t a hard-to-do cure for the C5 steering column lock problem, and it’s simple enough to do even if you’re not really adept at things automotive. So, without further adieu, here’s how to go about freeing up a locked C5 steering column once and for all. You can get a bypass unit from any of the major Corvette parts and accessories suppliers for $60-$90, or you can buy one directly from the manufacturing source, Dr. Don's (www.doctordons.com) for $45 plus shipping. The bypass kit eliminates the steering lock mechanism without affecting the function of your C5's other factory theft prevention features. The bypass is designed to defeat the factory 'Steering Column Lock', while mimicking its operation to the car's computer. Installation should take well under one hour, and the kit includes the bypass box, harness and connector and instructions. The kit also includes a 12-volt adapter, which is necessary to disable the lock before installing the bypass box. This 12-volt adapter won't be needed after the bypass box has been installed. You will need a #15 Torx driver and a small flat-blade screwdriver. Here's how to install the bypass unit:
This is the first indication that you'll have to install a column lock bypass. Until you can clear up this problem, your C5 will stall when you put it in gear and your steering may also be locked.
Here's the bypass module and the 12-volt adapter included with the kit.