in your Corvette – it’s wonderful, isn’t it? Ah, yes – the wind whipping over the windshield, the sweet purr of the exhausts, the way the car effortlessly glides over the tarmac mile after mile. Until something happens to interrupt this magical journey, that is. It could be a flat tire, a strange noise coming from under the car, an alarming indication from one of the dash gauges, or any number of other nefar- ious things. It’s a fact of life: stuff happens. The question is: are you – and your Corvette – prepared and equipped to handle these interesting little turns life indiscriminately throws at us when it does? In addition to pleasure cruising in our Corvettes, many of us embark on yearly pilgrimages far from home, with destina- tions like Corvettes at Carlisle, Blooming- ton Gold, the National Corvette Museum,
• Jumper cables • Gloves • Shop rags • Mat • Hand cleaner ADVANCED COMPLEMENT Here’s a bunch of additional gear that you might be glad to have available, depending on the nature of your emergency and how prepared you need to be to feel comfortable while traveling: • Bottled water • Jump box • Air compressor • Bungee cords • Tow rope • Reflectors • Rain poncho • Tire gauge • Wheel chocks • Folding chair(s) This is all good stuff to consider carrying along in your Corvette when you’ll be traveling any great distance. After all, if you knew there was a problem with the vehicle to begin with, you’d have it fixed before you leave, right? But that’s the point – unless you have a crystal ball and some psychic powers, one never knows, do one? So travel prepared and travel safe. See you on the road and, hopefully, not on the side of it!
This roadside emergency kit from The Brookstone Company contains some basic tools, triangular red hazard reflectors, a  first aid kit, emergency light, air compressor, jumper cables and other emergency gear all in a hard-shell case.