This is a messy, greasy job so wearing a pair of disposable nitrile gloves is highly recommended. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the four bolts that hold the trunion (half-shaft flange) to the wheel assembly.
Put the car in neutral, regardless of whether it has an automatic or manual transmission. This is necessary so that you'll be able to rotate the rear wheels while working.
The nuts of the u-bolt that hold the u-joint to the rear differential spline shafts are removed next. A gear wrench definitely makes this task easier, since you'll only have about 7-10º of wrench swing because of the proximity of the struts, spring and stabilizer bar.
When the nuts are off, remove the u-bolts. You may need to wedge a screw driver between the u-bolt and the u-joint bearing cup to persuade them out. With the u-bolts out, by rotating the tire about half-way in either direction, you'll be able to slide the entire half- shaft with u-joints out.