When using my MIG welder or MAPP torch, I prefer to wear leather welder's gloves. My trusty old Tillman's are made of kidskin so they offer a lot of tactile response, while the leather provides good protection from heat and errant sparks as a byproduct of welding. They're also great for other tasks even outside of the garage that require a lot of dexterity such as gardening. PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD I never quite understood what that phrase meant. I only have two feet, and both of them are my best. At any rate, because they are both my best, I protect them when I'm working in the garage and I do that by wearing protective footwear. I have a pair of high-top mechanics boots that are great for giving me lots of ankle support – I wear these whenever I'm going to be on my feet for extended periods in the garage. They're also nice and warm for when the garage is a bit on the chilly side. I usually wear ankle-high mechanics shoes which can best be described as super sneakers. With leather uppers and cushioned interiors, they're extremely comfortable, and with their sure-footed rubber soles you get plenty of non-slip traction, even on slippery surfaces. I also have a pair of team-issue pit shoes that have a spill-proof tongue under the laces that prevents liquids from entering the interior of the shoe. These are great anytime you're working around liquids that may spill – they’re terrific for washing the Corvette, too.
These Tillman welding gloves are made of kidskin and they offer a lot of protection while welding while giving you plenty of flexibility and dexterity. High-top pit-crew boots like these give your ankles extra support while protecting your feet from liquid splashes thanks to a sealed tongue under the laces. Low-cut pit shoes feature leather uppers and non-skid rubber soles for plenty of sure-footed traction, comfort and style that looks good in or outside of the garage. These team-issue pit shoes offer additional protection with a leak-proof tongue under the laces that keeps liquid from entering the shoe.
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