8. Store desiccants in the car. These can be purchased and laid on the front floor and rear deck. This prevents mildew from growing and keeps leather from deteriorating due to accumulated moisture. Also, the 'car bubbles’ or cacoons are very good for long term storage and use only a couple of dollars worth of electricity for the entire season.   9. Provide critter protection. One of the biggest problems with winter automotive storage is rodents. Depending on how secure the facility is that you store your Corvette in, one fact remains: it's a source of protection from the elements for both your Corvette and those furry little critters. Most owners don't realize it, but certain brands of spark plug wires can become a meal for mice. Some brands (including GM brands) consist of a silicone inner jacket that surrounds the carbon suppression core. The silicone inner jacket is then surrounded by a vegetable oil based insulating outer shell which mice find particularly appetizing. To help prevent them from making a meal out of your Corvette's ignition system, place some mothballs in and around the engine compartment, but remember to remove them before starting up the car! Mice and other small rodents like to build nests in very small spaces and your Corvette's exhaust tips and mufflers make a perfect home. Use a couple small face cloths and rubber bands to seal off the exhaust tips on your Corvette. Simply cover the opening of each tail pipe with the towel and wrap a rubber band around it. Or you can stuff shop rags into the exhaust, put in a couple of moth balls as an added deterrent and then seal the openings with duct tape. 10. Store convertibles with the top up. Convertible tops can actually shrink if they are left in the down position for an extended period of time. 11. Cover the Corvette with a good quality car cover.  If it's stored indoors, a simple cotton based cover is sufficient to keep dust off the car. If it's stored outdoors, you should consider using an Evolution-3 type weatherproof cover to protect against the elements.