you can help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time. – JAKE B Both of these fusible links are coming from the starter and appear to only be about 1-1.5 feet away from it; however, getting to these wires may take a bit of doing (especially if you have headers). Be sure to replace any/all insulation to keep these wires from melting due to inadvertent contact with the exhaust system. Hopefully, this schematic will help you out.
LIGHTS/NO LIGHTS Here's a weird one. Just got a ‘99 auto coupe. The first time I tried to drive it at night, when I opened the door to get in, all the instrument panel lights (gauge cluster, etc.) come on. I hop in the car, put the key in the ignition and start the motor. Then I turn on the headlights. But the instrument panel is dark. When I learned about the dimmer switch, I turned that all the way clockwise but still instrument panel is dark. If I continue to turn it past maximum, the courtesy lights come on, but the instrument panel still does not light up. So I tried disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes to no avail. But the moment you open the door and get out of the car, voila, the instrument panel is lit up in full glory. What's up with this? – ED C. When you open the door the ‘demo’ lights come on – that’s why the dash cluster, etc. is illuminated. This, however, is a totally different circuit from the actual illumination circuit that lights up the dash when you put the headlights on. The first thing to check is the connector that plugs into the dash cluster – there’s a good chance that this connector is not seated all the way – push the connector all the way in and, hopefully, this will cure your problem. If this doesn’t do the trick, the next thing to check out is the dimmer switch – although these rarely go bad, I never say ‘never’ when it comes to electrical components. Lastly, if these first two remedies don’t correct the problem, the headlight switch may be at fault, so that would be the last item to have checked out. LOW-NOISE CAT BACKS I could use help choosing a cat-back exhaust system. I have already installed the Dynatech long tube headers, cats, and y-pipe after having the headers Jet-Hot coated. I am interested in 2 systems, the Corsa touring w/tiger shark tips, and the SLP Power Flo. Interior resonance is the deciding factor. I would not be happy with more interior noise and neither would my wife. Any thoughts on these two systems would be appreciated. Thanks.     — Ron P.