While using a C-clamp (or a vise) to hold the control arm shaft, use a large adjustable wrench to remove the nuts and washers on both sides of the shaft. Once these are removed (and the bush- ings are melted), the shaft can be removed from the control arm.
You can use a brake hone or some sandpaper to clean out any remaining bushing residue and some steel wool or a 3M scuff pad to clean up the soot and grime from the outside of the control arms to make them look a bit more presentable.
Here’s one of the upper C4 control arms used for this project from Contemporary Corvette, along with the control arm rebuild kit from Vette Brakes and Products. The ball joint shown in the photo will replaced in a separate project.
The easiest and fastest way to get rid of the old control arm bush- ings is to melt them. Use a C-clamp or a vise to hold the control arm and make sure there’s nothing flammable close to the flame. Do this outdoors so you don’t breathe the melting rubber vapors