Whether you’re interested in gaining points at an NCRS meet or you just want to make things look presentable, items like the tire jack are easy to overlook and often are. Restoring the jack isn’t a hard project, but it does require some time and elbow grease. If you have a sand blasting cabinet that wil speed things up considerably, but a hand-held unit like the inexpensive SpeedBlaster will do just as good a job. The process of restoring the jack is to first remove all the old paint, rust and debris by sand (or other abrasive) blasting, then protecting the now bare metal surfaces with a good grade of rust-inhibiting paint. There’s also a rubber donut at the lug wrench end of the lever iron that will need to be cleaned up, and WD-40 does a terrific job on that. A few words of caution here: be sure to wear eye protection when doing any sand or abrasive blasting; wearing gloves and protective clothing (like a heavy sweat shirt) is also a good idea because being pelted by sand particles being shot at high speed really stings.So that’s basically the whole game plan in a nutshell, and here it is from start to finish, shown step-by-step.