Chevrolet has never built an ordinary Corvette. Even the most mundane coupe draws a crowd every- where it goes. But through victory at racetracks, exposure in film and television, or other notable achieve- ments, a select few Corvettes have attained mythic status. Eighteen of the most legendary Corvettes of all time—from the earliest surviving Corvette ever built for the 1953 model year to the late first-generation Corvettes used in the classic television series Route 66 to the five Grand Sport racers built by Zora Arkus- Duntov, the Godfather of the Corvette, to a fifth-generation Corvette raced by the team that included father- and-son Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. just before the elder Earnhardt’s tragic death – are featured in this book.  Dave Wendt’s photography is, without exaggeration, absolutely amazing. His lighting techniques impart a glow to the cars and, in some instances, the backgrounds that border on surrealism; some of the photographs look more like painted portraits than mere photos. The book is truly a joy to look at. And each of these unique vehicles has a story that is equally unique. Randy Leffingwell did a superb job of ferreting out the inside skinny behind each car and conveys it in an easy to read style. Most Corvette enthusiasts will never have the chance to get “up close and personal” with these Corvettes, but Legendary Corvettes will give you intimacy with them that’s the next best thing. Interesting cars, interesting stories, excellent photography and writing, all in a very handsome package — a great book to have or to give.
Authorship: Written by Randy Leffingwell Photography by Dave Wendt Publisher: Motorbooks Format: Hardcover Pages: 176 Photos: Color: 130 B/W: 13 Dimensions: 9x11 ISBN-13: 9780760337745 Catalog ID: 149588 Price: $35.00