APRIL 2018
This Old Corvette is a treasury of Corvette memories - short stories, essays, tall tales, and reminiscences - all devoted to the Corvette and the special role it plays in our lives. The Corvette is an American icon revered around the globe. It is a household name, art on wheels, a fantasy in curvaceous fiberglass and chrome, a full-throttled declaration of independence, a poke in the eye to the status quo, an obsession, a religion, a way of life. Martin Milner drove one as Tod Stiles in Route 66, Roger Penske raced one as did Dale Earnhardt. it was the star of the movie Corvette Summer, The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and Prince all sang rock ‘n roll anthems to it. If ever there was a legendary sports car, the Corvette is it. Stories by well-known and respected Corvette historians and celebrities, automotive journalists, authors including Mike Antonick, Noland Adams, Peter Egan, Zora Arkus-Duntov, Allan Girdler, Lucinda Lewis, Martin Milner, Barnhouse and others with a tale to share are complemented by fabulous period artwork and current photographs for a nostalgic look at Corvette's influence both on the road and off. If you’re looking for a book that will make you feel warm and fuzzy about your Corvette, while giving you plenty of terrific artwork to look at, this book is definitely for you!
Author: Various Publisher: Crestline Format: Hardcover Pages: 160 Size: 8.5x11” ISBN: 9780785825876 Price: $14.99