Regardless of whether your Corvette spends most of its time sheltered in a garage or is forced to fend off the elements in your driveway, a good quality car cover is essential for protecting it. Indoors, a car cover will keep dust and other airborne debris off your baby as well as affording it some protection from scratches. Outdoors, a weather-proof car cover will shield it from tree sap, pine needles, rain, hail, dirt, bird droppings and especially the sun’s UV rays which can destroy your Corvettes finish over time. But choosing the right car cover is not the no-brainer it would seem to be at first blush. While the right cover will offer you a wealth of protection, the wrong cover may actually harm your car’s finish or, at the very least, deliver less than what you expect from it. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are ‘penny wise and dollar foolish,’ to use a phrase my mother was fond of. What it means, essentially, is that some people will try to save a few bucks and purchase a cover that doesn’t fit right or doesn’t offer adequate protection rather than spending a little more for one that lasts for many years and delivers all that it promises. As with tools, the old adage ‘buy cheap and you’ll buy often’ applies here, too. And, if you stop and think about it, such Scrooge-like penny-pinching when it comes to a car cover really makes no sense (pun intended) at all. You’ve got a lot of money invested in your Corvette, right? So why skimp over a few dollars when it comes to getting a cover that will give it the protection it deserves and needs?