Our project '67 coupe had the optional "turbine" wheels on it with the "starburst" centers. While these are certainly a bit more stylish than the standard steel rally wheels, we always liked the classy look of the knock-off wheels that were options on the '63 through '66 Corvettes. However, the original Kelsey-Hayes knock-offs are downright dangerous since they have a nasty habit of working their way loose from road bumps and vibration if you don't keep them tightened on a regular basis (which is why the DOT outlawed them - 1966 was the last year you could order them on your Corvette). So the solution, therefore, was to order DBO-KO (direct bolt-on knock-off) centers from Corvette America. The company sells complete sets of DBO-KO wheels with all the requisite hardware as well, so you can mount these puppies on any year C2 (or even a C3, if you're so inclined!). But, since we already had the wheels, all we needed were the adapters, cones, spinners, center caps and mounting bolts/washers. It took less than ½ hour per wheel to go from "starburst" center to knock-off spinners and achieve that real "competition sports car" look in the process. This is an easy-to-do upgrade that really adds a lot of eye-appeal to the wheels.