you’re one of those C5 owners who keep a lot of small, miscellaneous stuff in the trunk of your Corvette then you may want to get yourself a C5 Cargo Bay Organizer (it also works great and installs the same for C4s and C6s). It is intended for C5 coupes, and we were installing it in a convertible. So, when it arrived, some quick thinking ‘outside the box’ provided the solution: by mounting it on the transverse aluminum upper deck support it would not only work just fine, but it would also serve as a ‘separator’ to hide the ragtop when it was in the down position (which it is for the entire winter, since we have an auxiliary hardtop that stays on for the colder months). The installation shown here is basically the same as it would be for a coupe, except that the Organizer would mount to the rear bulkhead beneath the rear window on a coupe. Also supplied with the Organizer are bolts, nuts and washers should you decide to fasten the mounting snaps with these items rather than the supplied screws. Be advised, however, that it may be necessary to remove the panel you are mounting it to should you decided to use the nuts-and-bolts mounting method. This is another easy project to do, provided you take your time and be sure to measure and mark exactly where you want the snap-mounting holes to be first,  before you drill.