Apple iPod has made as much of a quantum leap in music portability as the Sony Walkman did several decades ago. Imagine being able to carry your entire CD collection and being able to enjoy all this music through the excellent Bose stereo system in your C5 or C6. Your iPod can now be hard wired into your factory radio and the interface unit comes with a unique cupholder docking stations. The interface offers track up/down, fast-forward/re-verse, scan, random and repeat functions and does not lock out the iPod's controls or display, allowing music to be selected on the iPod itself. Factory steering wheel and radio buttons can control the iPod simultaneously. Any factory audio options such as satellite radio or CD changer must be disconnected on your C5 but will continue to operate nor-mally on the C6. OnStar will continue to function normally as well. C6 Corvettes must be prewired for satellite radio or have factory satellite radio to be compatible. Both the C5 and C6 Corvette iPod interface will charge your device as well. The interface is easy to install and can be completed in less than a couple of hours, even if you’ve never done this sort of upgrade before. Follow along and see how its done.